The Finance Department is responsible for keeping accurate financial records of the City of South Houston and providing financial and related information to the Mayor and members of the City Council to effectively manage the City. The department also provides financial support services to all City departments.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

The accounting and bookkeeping functions pertain to the performance of day-to-day payable and receivable activities for the City to ensure that transactions are made in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.


The department monitors the purchasing done by the City departments to ensure adequate control and approves all purchases; it also makes sure that departments do not overdraw their budgets.


The department is responsible for the maintenance of payroll records, preparing the payroll for City employees and filing all payroll-related reports and required tax payments.


The treasury function involves the management of the City’s portfolio on investments.


The department also assists the Mayor and City Council in the preparation and management of the budget.